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Styled by Kitty Sydnor, Watkins Sydnor is a thoughtful mix of eclectic and traditional pieces for home and life in Greensboro, North Carolina.

We love style, elegance, and being the most put together person at the party as much as anyone else - but what really inspires our brand is the idea of real life, and living it well. The items that fill our homes and grace our tables during shared meals, as well as the napkins that wipe up the spill of that one extra cocktail at the end of the night, should be a perfect reflection of a life that is well-lived. We source items that are exceptionally crafted, meant to last, but also give a cheeky nod to a sense of joie de vivre.

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Kitty Sydnor, a North Carolina native who has made Greensboro home since 2001, opened Watkins Sydnor in the fall of 2021, fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning her own store. She sought to bring fresh, unique and thoughtfully curated discoveries from around the world to others who appreciate the art of living life well each day. Kitty delights in hunting for both traditional and whimsical pieces that include antique treasures as well as stylish new ones. She believes it’s all about the mix, and a colorful one at that, which is evident from the moment you enter Watkins Sydnor. For Kitty, unique, gem-like little stores evoke happy memories of shopping with her mother and aunts as a young girl; she hopes to inspire this same love of specialty boutiques by sharing her store’s elevated and eclectic offerings with Greensboro and beyond.

Kitty lives in Greensboro with her husband, Will, and their sons William and Hampton.

Kitty Sydnor

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Our shop has been featured in the Triad MOD Society and O'Henry Magazine, and is a staple of Greensboro lifestyle.

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Life isn't simple or perfect, but instead is a blend of tiny moments and memories - and our items are sourced with the same mindset.

Your home should represent you, with perfectly blended style.

Creative, whimsical items meant to spark joy, stunning and locally-created art, thoughtful entertainment essentials meant to carry you and your family through a season of memories - we have it all! Come see us at our Greensboro location to shop the current in-store selection, or check back here to see our online shopping offerings soon!

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